((So before BIN decided to call it a night, Diarist and I decided to have a troll game to ease the pain of the last few games..

So yeah.. I went mid as AP Malphite ulting to initiate team fights and doing TONS of dmg.

Diarist went mid as Support mid Skarner he bought mana manipulator so I could poke the morgana I was up against non-stop. He built support ap, so his ult hurt like fwack.

We SERIOUSLY just wanted to have a troll game.
The other team starting winning hard at the 3Xminute mark

But we kept the same plan in mind of rushing mid, and obviously defending
After various fights
We ace’d their team and we all charged down mid as I tanked turrets and everyone destroyed them.. We won.

This just proves how troll games just = victory. The End. What is Normals?))

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